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Update for the School

So, the BIG day has come….. WE WILL BE OPEN FOR REGULAR CLASSES STARTING TODAY, TUESDAY MAY 26TH!!!!! We are so extremely excited to see everyone back in classes. We have missed your smiling faces more than you could possibly know!

Our class schedule will resume to its’ normal days and times as it was prior to the mandated closing. We have worked hard this weekend preparing the new training equipment that has arrived, scrubbing every surface of the mats, flooring, chairs, equipment, cubbies, door handles, and every other touchable surface possible. Our plan is to resume our protocol that students will need to wait to enter the mat area until we call them out. This is to allow us to wipe down the mats between each class.

We will continue with more single person stations, minimal to no contact free sparring and focus more on skill drills at this time. Most of our standard protocols that we have had in place for the past several years follow the suggested guidelines now defined by the new mandates. So students should see very minimal changes to the way classes are conducted.

Especially in our higher rank classes with the most self discipline, we encourage family to allow students to enter the school for their class and, whenever possible, for added family members to take advantage of that time to run any errands they may have or wait outside until their students class has ended.

We sincerely want to thank all of our martial arts family that have continued to support us during this time away. We are gearing up for some new and exciting classes with our traditional energy and enthusiasm! Hope you’re ready for what’s to come. We have a lot of time to make up for!

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