Hill's Martial Arts

Benefits for Children

We offer children's classes for ages 5-13 that are taught in a kid friendly environment and offer a good balance of structure and discipline mixed with fun. Here are just a few benefits you can expect from our children's program:

  • Self-confidence: we encourage students to believe in themselves in everything they do.
  • Self-discipline: we encourage students to do the right thing without being told. Respect: students are treated with respect and are taught to do the same for themselves and others.
  • Self-defense: we encourage non-violent resolutions to conflict, but if necessary, students develop skills they need to defend themselves.
  • Focus and concentration: our program incorporates a variety of activities and drills that strengthen these skills.
  • Positive attitude: we encourage students to have a winning attitude in order to overcome challenges.
  • Peer pressure: students develop the leadership skills they need in order to resist peer pressure
  • Goal setting: our program is structured around short and long term goals and students are encouraged to achieve them and to set new ones for themselves.
  • Incentives for good report cards: we reward students with patches if they make the honor roll.

Additionally, we offer a "Little Ninjas" class for ages 3-5th birthday.

Benefits for Adults

We offer adult classes for ages 14 and up and we encourage the participation of women, men, teenagers, parents and grandparents, because everyone can benefit from the study of martial arts. Our classes are taught in a non-threatening environment and offer a good balance of structure and discipline mixed with fun. Our adult program offers many of the same benefits as our children's program as well as these additional benefits:

  • Increased fitness, health, strength and flexibility
  • Practical self-defense skills and better awareness
  • Stress reduction and improved quality of life